Bringing a taste of Jamaica to London with a fresh visual identity.

This logo redesign project is a thrilling opportunity to revamp the brand’s visual identity and celebrate its Jamaican influence in a fresh and modern way.

Creating a successful design requires a thorough understanding of the brand’s identity and target audience. That’s why our team immerses themselves in Sharm and Ochi brand identity and target audience. We strive to understand what makes the brand unique and who they are speaking to. By gaining this understanding, we can create a design that not only grabs attention but also conveys the energy, colours, and vibrancy of Jamaica.

As a result, the new design stands out in its market but also stays true to its identity. In addition to this, they are tailored to work seamlessly across all media platforms, from print to digital.

Make sure you give them a taste!


Sharm and Ochi Rum Punch drinks bring a taste of Jamaica to London! Their unique and refreshing flavour will transport you to the island.

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