Inspiring LGBTQ Leaders In Tech

In honour of pride month we have put together a list of just some on the most inspiring LGBTQ leaders in tech!

Angelica Ross – Founder of TransTech Social Enterprises

Angela Ross is a transgender woman, actress, activist, entrepreneur, and self-taught computer programmer.

In 2014 Angela founded TransTechSocial Enterprises, a non-profit incubator for LGBTQ talent, with a focus on economic empowerment and teaching practical, career-ready skills.


Leanne Pittsford – Founder & CEO of Lesbians Who Tech

Leanne Pittsford is an activist and entrepreneur who founded the largest LGBTQ community of technologists in the world!

Lesbians Who Tech have over 40,000 members thanks to Leanne and her team who are continually working to get more women, POC, and trans people into technology.


Lynn Conway – Computer Scientist

Lynn Conway is a computer scientist, electrical engineer and transgender activist. After her transition, she rapidly worked her way back up through the industry, inventing an internet e-commerce infrastructure for rapid chip prototyping.

Despite Lynn’s retirement, she continues to be an outspoken advocate for the Trans community.


Arlan Hamilton – Founder of Backstage Capital

While homeless, Arlan Hamilton launched Backstage Capital, a venture capital firm that invests in high-potential founders who are women, people of color, and LGBTQ community members.

Backstage has raised more than $15 million and invested in over 160 startup companies.